Friday, July 18, 2014

Caleb & Jen's Orchard Wedding

When my younger brother Caleb began dating Jen around Easter of 2012 the women in our family hoped and prayed that we'd get to "keep her" ;) and that she'd one day join our family! We were obviously happy when they got engaged, and it was so special to watch them vow their lives to one another here in the orchard at the farm over the fourth of July weekend! It was a hot day, but the house and orchard were brimming with friends and family and Caleb & Jen were surrounded by all who love them!

Congratulations you two! We love you so much!
The Caleb & Jen fan club! :)
I kinda thought the ring bearers (sorry Jude, you didn't make the blog!) and flower girl were pretty cute, if I do say so myself... ;)
Yay!! You're married!
Jen handmade these apple butter spreads from the apples in the orchard! She's amazing!

Friday, July 11, 2014

Bethany & Zach's Wedding

Bethany & Zach's wedding day was perfect. When Josh and I first arrived we got to talk to Lionel, the father of the bride, and it just set the stage so sweetly for their day. It was a treat to hear his joy and gratitude for the man Zach was, and how he could confidently give his daughter away that day, knowing she'd be in excellent hands.

I felt like I rode that wave of happiness right into the room where Bethany was getting her hair and make up done, and that space was full of life too. The mood of the whole day was just overflowing joy. I loved being in the midst of it, and it carried on through to the flying-tinsel-send-off that ushered them onto their honeymoon!
Bethany is beautiful inside and out just like her mother. And there should be some award for bravest bride... this is a pose Bethany and her dad have a fun history of doing, and she had zero hesitation about doing this, and in her dress and heels! Amazing, girl!

Band of brothers! And wonderful parents!
Bethany's brothers did an amazing job with the music and Zach's brother did an amazing job officiating. (Too many amazings in here... this is beginning to sound like The Bachelor...)
These guys made the dance floor extra fun!
And I could've posted a better send off photo than this, but for some reason I just kept coming back to this one. Something about her mom reaching out to hug her goodbye, and Zach's face perfectly blocked by a hand enthusiastically throwing tinsel... ;) 
Congratulations Bethany & Zach! My God richly bless all of your adventures ahead!! xo