Monday, October 5, 2015

Anne Marie & Thomas Wedding: Kennedy School

Anne Marie is so near and dear to my heart! I've known her since she was a freshman in H.S. and she is one of the sweetest, most genuine people you'll ever meet, and she always has a smile on her face! :)

After college she applied for a job that was perfect for her, in Mississippi. Thomas, the well-loved and respected assistant to the Mayor, responded to her job application and set up an interview with Anne Marie. This was the beginning of their relationship and the fun that was to come! And they are so well suited for one another.

Their long anticipated wedding day involved so much planning because not only were two people and two families coming together, but also two regions: the south and the northwest. Even though they were planning the wedding from a distance, they were so detail focused that nothing was missed. Thomas, a strong planner himself, took the lead on planning the wedding and the rehearsal. And on the day of their wedding, Mississippi and Oregon came together in a beautiful way.

Thomas and Anne Marie were so flexible and easy-going when the day came, and so did the Oregon rain! What was supposed to be an outdoor wedding had to be changed to an indoor wedding at the last minute, but you would hardly even know it. And our outdoor photo plans were moved to a lovely spot under a canopy of trees. By the end of the night, no one even made mention of the weather or the change because everything about the day was so much fun.

I loved the special focus on family their day had. Anne Marie and Thomas chose to have their family by their side during the wedding. Thomas had his dad as his best man and his sisters as his attendants. Anne Marie had her sister, brother, and long time friend Sarah as her attendants. In addition, their pastor who married them was family as well! So special.

Their reception was filled with laughter, and dancing with friends and family late into the night. It was such a wonderful day from start to finish, and we wish them both the best in their new life together!
Much love to you two! xo

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Catherine & Tyler: Waverley Country Club Wedding

First off, let me say Happy Birthday to this beautiful bride Catherine!! (Her birthday was technically yesterday, so Happy Birthday Weekend, Catherine!!) :)

Catherine and Tyler's wedding day was stunningly beautiful from beginning to end! It was so much like the two of them: graceful, attentive, selfless, loving and fun! Their true lay-down-your-life-for-the-other love radiated throughout their day! And it was so sweet to watch Tyler intently dote on his bride.

As I arrived to photograph everyone getting ready, Catherine's room was so calm and happy! I loved the vibe. As a gift for Tyler, Catherine made a book of their love story that she compiled over the years. It was amazing! Tyler cried when he opened and read it. She in turn opened a gift from him that was a framed script of their first voicemails they had ever left one another! How sweet is that?!

Their ceremony was so beautiful and meaningful! Fr. Lou's words about their relationship clearly reflected who they are together. And their vows, and choice of songs... God was so beautifully at the center of it all.

Congratulations Tyler & Catherine!! May you be richly blessed in all of your adventures ahead! xo
Catherine peeking around the corner at her groom for their first look...
It was VERY windy that day and we walked down by the river to take a few photos in this spot and oh man, several huge gusts of wind blew through! I was feeling determined to snap a full 5 minutes of photos here, but the wind was SO strong that Catherine had to reach out for Tyler in order to brace herself! We headed indoors for a bit instead. :)  (I think this speaks volumes about their hair stylist's work, props to Cassandra Kennedy!)
And what a gorgeous setting this was!
I love this photo of Catherine's sweet family, and this photo of the women below that Josh captured...
Catherine walked down the isle to a string quartet playing the About Time Theme and as she turned the corner with her father and began to walk down the isle the quartet hit the most beautiful point in the song, and as I looked through my camera I actually whispered out loud to myself, "it's like a movie!" It was a breathtaking moment!
After the first dances everyone moved onto the dance floor, and then many family and friends surprised Catherine and Tyler by breaking out in a flash mob dance! It was amazing!!
After lots of dancing, Tyler and Catherine walked down by the river for a few twilight photos.
All throughout the evening I saw Catherine's dad giving high fives to family and friends, so I thought it would be fun to end the twilight stroll with a high five! :)
Wedding Planner: Bridal Bliss, Meghan Wicks
Ceremony: All Saints Parish
Reception: Waverley Country Club
Bride's Hair & Make up: Cassandra Kennedy
Attendants hair & make up: Face, Body, Beauty
Photography: Bethany Fegles Photography
Videography: News Beat Social
Floral: Susie Andersen
Reception Music: Pressure Point